Plasma Cutting

plasma cutting

High-speed plasma cutting services in Dungannon

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Professional plasma cutting services

Whatever your plasma cutting needs are, Mainplant Ltd has the expertise, knowledge and machinery to cut steel accurately, based on your specifications. Our team of expert cutters perform precision cutting of all kinds of electrically conductive materials, including steel, copper, aluminium and brass.

High-speed plasma cutting is one of the most efficient ways to cut steel and copper and to create metal pieces of all shapes and sizes. However thick or thin the metal is, our high-end equipment can be used to cut angles and curved shapes with a cleaner edge than other cutting methods.
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What can Mainplant Ltd do for you?

• High-speed plasma cutting
• Laser cutting
• Aluminium and brass cutting
• Steel and copper cutting
• One-off cutting
• Metalwork in batches
• Small and large metalwork cutting
• Brake press folding
• Welding and fabrication

high speed plasma cutting
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